How to Install another WPS Office in Kali Linux

Before I say Welcome to the new visit to my website penbaca or the faithful of this web, because it is rarely updated, more busy in real hehe. This time I will give you how to Install WPS Office in kali Linux. This way I've tried 100% successful and without fail, if there is a failure all PAL can comment below.

I am Using OS: Kali GNU/Linux Rolling \n \l 64 bit
WPS version I use: wps-office_ ~ URa21_amd64.deb
For equipment you can Download from the website provider directly click here

A little explanation about the WPS Office:
WPS office just as Ms. Office that is on a windows function to write documen, presentation, or count and others, would've know the functions of Ms Office. that is in windows and WPS Office, does not vary much with Ms. office that is in windows.

WPS Office is often we encounter in china, such as artificial linux deepin and many more. The question is? Why use WPS Office why not LibreOffice or Kingsoft Office etc. In essence all to taste, not disfigure my other products. Kalo I think personally I prefer to use WPS Office compared to LibreOffice (remember: Fit the tastes of each of Your Rights it &) The initial step is how to Install WPS Office in Kali Linux
  • Make sure the equipment already PAL Download (downlaod link above)
  • Open terminal PAL (certainly root)
  • To connect to the internet (to keep there could be direct execution error)
  • Entry to the directory storage of files which have been PAL download with the terminal. the example I put the files in the Download folder and viewed with printah ls
root@Privat-Client:~# cd Downloads/
root@Privat-Client:~/Downloads# ls
  • Then install it with the command dpkg-i nama_file, like the example below
root@Privat-Client:~/Downloads# dpkg -i wps-office_10.1.0.5672~a21_amd64.deb

Don't forget to Remove first if the error occurs with the command:

apt-get install -f
apt-get -f install

After the above commands install with  Why error, what .... don't panic sob first find out what caused the error, as I belong to this error to "Package Libpng12-0 is not installed" well for the solution in step 6
  • Add the following repository to download "Package Libpng12-0 is not installed"
deb jessie main

then update and install Libpng12-0 as my image.

apt-get update

apt-get install libpng12-0

  • If Install Libpng12-0 above is completed, repeat step 5 again, install WPS Office, if successful, will like the picture below
  • After a successful try PAL is open, if there is a notification like this, meaning that Successfully

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