Best Laptop For Linux Mint

Linux actually does not need computer specifications are too high as a condition. But for a good performance is certainly no harm we consider what computer fit for it.

There are some important points that must be observed by the user before buying a laptop for linux. To avoid the problem of compatibility of hardware, choose the right specification for your laptop is certainly very important.

If you already know the reasons why you should use Linux, then on this occasion I will give you a bit of what kind of laptop you need to consider for your Linux.
What Is The Usefulness Of The Laptop For You.

First you need to make sure how much budget you spend to buy a laptop. Then find out how much laptop you need, surely you must know the size of the screen you want. You should also know to what this laptop later you use, whether for just browsing the internet and email, or you will use for the purposes of work such as becoming an admin system or to play games. You should also find out the backup battery before buying. For the game, you need a high end laptop and even a dual boot system, because Linux is not too good for the running Game. 

Central Processing Unit (CPU) is very important to consider, Linux usually supports a wide range of different types of units. But sometimes some CPU known quite well in support of Linux, including the Intel Atom, Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core, AMD Athlon 64 7 mobile, etc.
X servers and Video Card
When choosing the video card/video card (VGA), make sure that your card is supported by Linux, some of which are quite good for linux including ATI/AMD, NVidia, etc.
Video Card/VGA Low Quality
Video card performance is not too high that support Linux on the Intel GMA x 3100, among them Intel GMA 4, 500 MHD, Intel 950 GNvidia Quadro NV.

Video Card/VGA Medium And Above
NVIDIA Quadro FX 88m (1024 MB) and FX 2, 800 m (1024 MB), Quadro NVS 3,100 M (256 MB or 514 MB). 9,300 M NVIDIA GeForce GS, NVidia GeForce 9,300 M are all options for intermediate and above. 

RAM determine the speed of your laptop, therefore if you are going to route the tasks that require RAM intensive, so you should choose a suitable RAM or big enough. Applications such as GIMP is included which uses RAM intensively.
Hard Disk
The larger the capacity of the hard drive you are the more you can save data. On Linux this is also useful for booting the system. You can also use solid state drives, which have twice the speed than a regular hard drive, it only takes less power and is quite quiet

Optical Disk
Blu Ray DVDs, and other optical format does not support on Linux. So, you need to get an optical disk that can run a DVD. A DVD burner will usually be much better for this purpose. If you plan to watch the movie Blu Ray optical disk, then the one that you need.
Power Management: Suspend & Hibernate
Both Advanced Power Management (APM) and Advanced Configuration and Power Interface & (ACPI) supported by the Linux system. This is what allows the user to Hibernate their system for a specific partition on the disk. 

Wireless 802.11
Linux-based system usually comes with the Wireless 802.11 wireless which certainly, if you don't pay attention to this aspect, can allow you to use another device in addition. Intel Pro series of cards and card-based Atheos is the best choice for your Linux system.
USB, FireWire eSATA ports & is most commonly a must have and is required on a laptop. While the USB port usually already quite OK on Linux, FireWire port often do not work well. ESATA port is used to connect external SATA drive to the SATA bus directly.

Docking Station (Port Replicator)
Usually most of the docking station works very smooth and uneventful, it is advisable to confirm before buying, make sure whether a particular good docking station for linux. This is used to connect external electronic devices with your laptop.

Recommended Linux Distribution
Use the recommended Linux distribution. Ubuntu is usually good in 2008. If you want to find another example like the Fedora, OpenSuse, Debian and linux mint you could also try.
Linux Laptop Vendors
Dell, HCL, HP, Acer, Asus, ... all provide Linux-based laptop. Meraka often has a special preference for linux. For example, there is a Dell laptop just in distibusikan for Redhat Linux for business purposes in a particular country.

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