How to install Banshee on Kali Linux easily without error

Banshee is a cross-platform media player for Linux, Windows and Mac OS x. we can use it to play audio, video, internet radio, and can even rip DVD. Banshee also supports many portable media players such as android, iPhone and iPod support. Banshee music player is best with the first order of 10 other music player. ease of install banshee can we start from here without entering additional repository.

Make sure that the error does not occur when you use the update command at times.

The first step please see repository list on the first time your linux with open the sources.list using leafpad or gedit.
Please open directory etc/apt/sources.list

The following repository I use in terms of Error does not occur when we run apt-get update. Customize with your Linux release repository.
Next open your terminal type the following command
apt-get update

After that wait until the update process is finished

After that you rerun this command in the Terminal

apt-get install banshee

If it appears this process you just type (Y) and press Enter. then the download process will run

Wait until something like figure below processing triggers for the menu is complete.

Furthermore please check at Applications – Sound & Video – Banshee Media Player

This appearance of the banshee

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