Install Ubuntu From Windows

Install Linux by way of dual booting with windows operating system is one of the steps is good for you who want to learn linux. Why? Because most windows users feel awkward when you have to really use linux as the only operating system on their computers.

By doing a dual boot, you need not lose the windows operating system, and other data as it exists in the partition D, E and so on. Because the partition is still readable on Linux OS, but otherwise the Linux partition will never be read in windows OS.

Now I will share a tutorial how to create a dual boot between windows and Linux. In this tutorial the operating system will I make dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 8.1 is at 14 LTS Trusty Tahr. But I think for other operating systems (such as windows XP, 7, 8) just the same and also reliable.

In this tutorial I will not explain the complete install Ubuntu from beginning to end, because I think you already understand how to install Ubuntu. Or if you haven't been at all installing Ubuntu, you can read the tutorial I wrote on the link below

I consider all of you've installed Windows 8 in advance. After that, you can follow the subsequent steps in this tutorial.

Ready Ubuntu Bootable
You can use the installation media in the form of a CD/DVD or external hard drive or even Flash. It's all up to you. You can read one of my articles about linux on bootable USB on the link below.

Paint free space on hard drive
You must provide the free space on the hard drive. The goal, an empty space that would be used to install Linux Ubuntu. You can do shrink a volume on the partition you through one of the tools in the windows, namely, Disk Management. I also have never written the steps on, please check the links below.

Install Ubuntu dual boot with Windows
Bootable input already you make to your computer. As usual, set the boot options in the BIOS. Well, after booting you will certainly presented two options, Try Ubuntu and Install it. Select Install, and then follow other procedures such as the selection of languages.

In the Instalation Type, select Something else. By selecting these options we will arrange its own partition manually.

Then we will go to the partition. This is an important stage when installing dual boot. 
Remember, before we create an empty partition in windows. Well, I will be creating an empty space into 2 partitions, the root and swap. But if you want to make so the three partitions, such as adding a home directory, Yes please. First click an empty part of the first partition, and then click the add button "+". If less obvious look at the picture below.

First I create a Swap area first, I give a capacity of 4096 MB. Don't forget to Use as. section, select the option the Swap area. Then click OK.

After that there is still free space remaining. In the same way as the first one above, click on the blank space, and then click the add button "+". This partition will be created for the root "/". I give the capacity of remaining (5506 MB), Use as. EXT4 and mount point "/". After that click OK. If less clear, you can see the picture below.

If it is, in the partition table will look two partition we just created above. the swap and root. On the device for the bootloader installation only, do not leave the default personalised way if you do not understand. Kemduian click Install Now.

After the partition of the installation, the process will run as usual. There is no different as we install Ubuntu normally.

When it is finished, usually installed you will be prompted to restart the computer. After the next boot, there will be a display of the bootloader, which in this section there is a choice of what operating system you use, Ubuntu or Windows 8.1. To select using the Ubuntu, usually these options are at the top, while the windows is there at the end.

How easy is not it? Indeed if you first do this, it will be difficult. But he will get used too. Keep the spirit of learning Linux. Hopefully helpful

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