Kali Linux Tools List Part 11 end

Now are still at KALI LINUX tools list part 11, before we give one group the tools on each post, but now I will input the 3 groups of tools that exist at the KALI LINUX to maintain the security of your system.

This is the last posting KALI LINUX tools list, I intentionally incorporate in one posting these 3 groups of the Prod, because on each tool group is not a lot of tools.

Let's see what are the tools that are in each group, the following list:

Reverse Engineering
On this Reverse Engineering Tools group tool his numbered 11, please views command to use each of the tools

Here is a group of Hardware Hacking tools, let's look at what tools exist:
Hardware Hacking
Existing tools on Hardware Hacking this is numbered as 6 tools.
We continue on the last tool group is Reporting Tools, what are the tools that are in this group.

Reporting Tools
The tool this number there are Reporting Tools 9 tools.

So this post, hopefully can add to your knowledge about the tools that exist at the KALI LINUX, use the science you have to help others and don't do any damage.

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