Linux Sysadmin Salary

There are some professions that are included in the field of computer networks. But too often bombastic transferred to finally not memenggambarkan instead of the real work. These are Network administrators, Network (Systems) Enginer, Network (Service) Technician, Programmer/Analyst, Network and Network Information Systems Manager.

Quite a lot if we have to complete. Perhaps this discussion can we start from the network administrator. Networking administrators, because this one profession including the most sought by the nominee IT workers.

Admin network including "the fastest growing occupations", the person with the most adequate technical expertise could fill a position as a network admin. But, work opportunities are still open in various sectors such as: banks, government offices, insurance companies, educational institutions, retail companies in the field of computers, Office equipment, electronics, and manufacturing companies.

What are the duties of a network admin? The task configure and handle Local Area Network (LAN), including Wide Area Network (WAN) if any. But if you want a detailed list of the task is quite long. He shall be responsible for designing, installing and supporting LAN/WAN, internet and intranet systems in an organization. The task of the day to day administrator among others giving administrative support and maintain the software on the user's hardware as well as software for the network, analyze the problem and to monitor the work of the network so that it is always available to users of the system.

It includes all of the tasks because there is another addition that should be doing such as: collecting data for the identification of customer needs for example. Then the data used to identify, interpret and evaluate the system. In addition he also plans, coordinates and implements network security also becomes its work. And so many tasks, desires against technological and network security are two important elements that must be owned by a network admin

When speaking of the profession "fragrant" like this, will always be a question of salary. In Exchange for a network admin relative did not disappoint. If not mistaken the magnitude of it sysadmin salary range from $10.000 to $20.000, and even then depending on experience. Of course you should not forget some of the factors that could have a major effect on his small salary--as conditions of the company, the local market, and the degree of experience and skill of the workers.

The other good news is, there are various ways to occupy the profession. IT certainly had a great scholar, although no special study programs offer a Bachelor's network. But the graduates majoring in computer science, computer engineering, information systems, Informatics, telecommunications, and telecomputing will be candidates as long as he has attended special training network and master the latest technology in the field of networking. Without the title IT actually any person can still count as long as have the certifications such as CCNA, CCNP:, CompTIA Network + and MCSE, or sufficient experience in the field of computer networks.

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