Linux Vdi Solution

Today, I will share a little solution to a problem that I have found. You may all also encountered a problem like this. Solution of the problem that I discovered it was a file. vdi (virtual hdd files vbox) after the copy of the manual from the original file, can not add in the virtual media manager. After I was browsing and I can short of a solution, which is easy and quick and effective is not strange

First, I would try to copy the files manually, vdi

Then I add in the virtual media manager, what will happen?


Well the solution is:

Go into the command prompt
Entry to the directory where you are installing Virtual Box
Type the following command:
vboxmanage internalcommands sethduuid <drive:/direktory/location.vdi>

for example like the picture below

Now I will try to add more in the virtual media manager vbox

And now it could be running 2 virtual client with the same OS.
Good luck
Hopefully useful

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