MITM Attack Netcut and protection in Kali Linux

Arpon Protection while using Wifi
The discussion this time I will discuss about the danger of using the wifi internet access. Who would have thought we could be spied on by people who are not responsible. Unwittingly the privacy we would vanish instantly. In this article I aim to provide understanding and how to counteract the attack that is very disturbing. In particular the users of kali linux that has a range of security tools. In addition to the attack we also need to secure our data. We can use several ways, one of which we will discuss in this article.

Some reviews that may be all you need to know about common attacks while using public wifi is a MITM ( Man In The Middle ) and the like are able to tap our internet access. The most common of all is the termination of internet network using the tools is often done by fellow public wifi users, this certainly can make us annoyed.

for users of times linux need not worry with it. one way to protection as follows

1. Open your terminal and type
apt-get update

2. Install arpon, type your diterminal
apt-get install arpon

3 Configure arpon, with the command
gedit /etc/default/arpon

Now your content editors use this

Defaults for arpon initscript
# sourced by /etc/init.d/arpon
# installed at /etc/default/arpon by the maintainer scripts
# You must choose between static ARP inspection (SARPI) and
# dynamic ARP inspection (DARPI)
# For SARPI uncomment the following line
DAEMON_OPTS=”-d -f /var/log/arpon/arpon.log -g -s”
# For DARPI uncomment the following line
# DAEMON_OPTS=”-d -f /var/log/arpon/arpon.log -g -y”
# Modify to RUN=”yes” when you are ready

After the editor filled like the image above please Save, then close

4. Run the following command using Arpon
(this command is run the static connection Arpon wlan0)

arpon -i wlan0 -S

5. For other commands in running Arpon

( a static connection arpon eth0 )
arpon -i eth0 -S

( connection with dynamical arpon wlan0 )
arpon -i wlan0 -Y

( eth0 connection with dynamical arpon )
arpon -i eth0 -Y

And to know the other command use
arpon -help

Hopefully what I post here can be of benefit to you.

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