Quickbooks For Linux Ubuntu

QuickBooks accounting software is one of the best and most popular of which are available today. They have a lot of demand for this type of monopoly in the insurance industry. People today rely on Quickbooks, they can't run their business without Quickbooks, why is that?, it's all because of a very popular addition to Quickbooks and they are also very reliable in features and compatibility with a variety of different platforms such as windows and Mac until they are really worth every details.

As it's been said that this program is only available and running properly for Windows users and Mac but could not run on a linux device. Although it has been submitted on the linux platform but there is definitely a good news for them.

How to use Quickbooks on Linux
1. you need to open the terminal on linux.

2. This application comes with linux software, and the application is very useful because it allows you to configure the file system by using the text code.

3. When you've opened the terminal please type the command Wine like this: sudo apt get and install wine
4. And then press Enter.

5. next linux will do the installation against the application of Wine into your system.

6. run the application in your linux.

7. If you are using a version of the Quickbooks application 2003-04 then it will not run on your system, because it will have problems on the compatibility on linux, then you can try other versions, so that the application can run well Quickbooks.

8. Now it's time to install Quickbooks applications into your linux system, please input your Quickbooks application CD into your device (you'll get the CD when making a purchase application), and do the installation, follow the commands appear.

9. next right click the .exe file, from the options available and you choose "Run with the Wine Emulator".

10. follow the installation instructions that are running.

11. The last step is Quickbook please check that you have installed, by way of search navigation application > Wine > Program > Quickbooks.

12. Please click and then the application is open, it means you have successfully install Quickbook on linux systems.

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