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Slack is a service long distance communication (chat) cloud-based company founded by Stewart Butterfield, Cal Henderson, Eric Costello and Serguei Mourachov,. At first the Slack built as a means of communication between members of the Tiny Speck team in the development of game Glitch that now does not exist.

The name of the Slack is an acronym for "Searchable Logs of All Conversation and Knowledge". This is the basis of how Slack now really help teams to collaborate despite not being in one room.

Because of the ease and flexibility, the Slack is a suitable means of communication for a team or a freelancer who works not directly face to face. However, do not have to fear the team will be less productive because of work at home each. With comprehensive features, Slack will still maintain the productivity of the team.

Slack can be installed in various kinds of desktop operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and MacOS and there is also a mobile version on the Android operating system, iOS, and Windows Phone. Here's fitu-Slack features that you can use for free:
  • Channels
  • Direct Messages
  • Calls
  • Drag, drop, and share your files.
  • Full integration
  • Search your entire archive.
  • etc..
How to Install Slack on Ubuntu/Linux Mint
To install slack on Ubuntu or Linux Mint please follow the steps below.

1. Download Slack
First, please download the installation file Slack here, or copy and paste the following command & in terminal:
$ cd Downloads
$ wget amd64.deb

2. Install Slack
After successfully downloaded the Slack, type the following command to install Slack.
sudo dpkg -i slack-desktop-2.6.3-amd64.deb

Tutorial Install Slack has managed ye solve & may be useful for all of us, see you again at the next article

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