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Almost all Linux users think they are immune to the virus, but they are wrong. Recently, the malware was found hidden inside a Gnome theme dangerous look from a reputable site.

Users who install the theme also got some scripts that are installed as a root that was designed to attack targets of internet, but easily could have been much worse.

You see, the problem with thinking that Linux is immune is that sooner or later, something like this happens, and you will have protection. Yes, 99% of the time you will not need it. Maybe even a 99.9% of the time. But if the virus checker saves You only once a year, we think it's a pretty good reason to install one.

Of course, there are other good reasons, not the least of which is you don't want to blame in the festival of fire that will occur if you accidentally forwarded virus Windows-loving friends. For seconds, even if the virus does not affect You, wouldn't you at least like to know that somehow makes its way to your precious Linux?

For the most part, we hope the virus checker to run without us even realizing that they are there, not to consume resources and just get on with things. Extra points given to software that approximates this ideal, while they cut to a difficult installation, the documentation is weak and poor performance.

Many of the clients on a test using the Dazuko kernel module, which is designed to provide on-access notifications to userland software – so when you open a file, the module passes the details for each service that wants to know. Some rely on the old version of Dazuko chess, we have made a note of this in the text of the review.

I recommend to you for a good antivirus is AVG, Download here.

Products bearing the name AVG has a history that makes sense in the antivirus software, stretching back to 1992. Linux/Unix system only added to the version 7.5 lineup and now left of the Windows version (9.0), has only had a few updates.

Client installation is free and quite simple, no matter what system you use, since there is a freely available packages in RPM, Deb and tarball format. Installation tarball might be a bit slow, but you don't have to worry about this compilation, it and more.

Unlike other applications, there is no GUI for AVG. is designed to run as a daemon system to scan your files on a schedule or on demand. There are options for on-demand and check with the kernel module Dazuko.

Start the daemon is fairly easy if you have some sysadmin skills, and can be configured to run at boot.

In terms of speed, AVG Free is not good enough, but perhaps at the expense of the other. But strangely enough on this AVG failed to find the zip version of the file is a test virus. Because the test file has been around for years, it's quite forgivable – should not be difficult to find it. The only reasonable explanation is that maybe the software is configured.

As part of the test, we did a minimal amount of configuration to get the program to run. In a production environment, you may want to investigate the documents and various settings, but even if you do, the documentation for AVG Free is very small.

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