Wireless Sniffer Linux With Xerosploit

This time I will share how the techniques of Sniffing in wifi network/lan with Xerosploit on linux, his usual techniques of sniffing using Wireshark and Ettercrap. This time there is a new and fast-food chain with Xerosploit

sniffing is a technique of tapping activities performed within the network that is very hard to prevent, even though we have already installed a wide variety of software to prevent attacks in the network. This is a problem of communication or network protocol and has nothing to do with the operating system.

OK if you are interested please follow these steps:

First you open a terminal and type:
$ xerosploit

If it is then it will appear as a display picture
You must be connected to a Wifi network/lan/internet

Next you type this:
$ help

then select:
$ scan

This is a scan command to see who else is connected in the lan/wifi network

It will pop up a lot of IP and Mac from another Pc, here I just use Free wifi from my smartphone, and select the target you wish to sniffing
$ xero >  >> my target

Press enter, and type:
$ help

then select:
$ Sniff

type the command to run:
$ run

then if any readings:
$ do you want to load sslstrip ? (y/n) " >> select Y

and a sniffer could already at start, if the target you are opening the browser or being cool browsing on the internet he will be caught opening anything and we could see his website link and username password if he want to login if there are websites like to login member

OK so her tutorial from me, hopefully useful

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