Anti Malware for Ubuntu

When it comes to the threat of a virus or malware, Linux is the last thing on the minds of hackers. However, it is not a reason from all attacks. Although the benefits of Linux from the "security by obscurity", you still have to worry about in some way. For example, just because Linux can't run Windows programs (without Wine) doesn't mean you don't have to be careful.

This virus can still spread, especially if you have a Samba server (windows file sharing on Linux) or an external device that regularly interact with Linux and Windows. You could inadvertently spread the virus not to mention several hackers have recently (though not very often) started to target Linux users directly.

So here there are some of the best antivirus programs for Ubuntu and you please to use the final

When you talk about anti virus in Linux most people think about ClamAV. This high-performance applications, virus scanner that can be run both on the desktop Linux or a Linux server (and even you can use in Windows). With this tool it's all done via the command line. "high performance" part comes from the fact that it is a scanner is multithreaded and exceptionally well with the CPU usage.

ClamAV can scan with some file formats and archives open and scan them, there are also the support of various languages signature. It can also act as an email gateway scanners. Suffice to say if you need a good virus scanner on Linux and you don't mind messing around with terminal, you should try ClamAV.

ClamTk Virus Scanner
Clamtk is not a virus scanner in general because this is a graphical front-end with the eponymous ClamAV virus scanner. With this you will be able to accomplish many tasks that previously required several terminals. The development team claimed that this was "designed to be, on-demand scanner is easy to use for Linux."

Many people say this is great, because it's very easy to use. You still get all the great features of it and nothing less. If you need a virus scanner is good, and you are not a fan of the command line, ClamTk is the best choice for you to try.

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