Arch Linux Docker Install

Please note this is a society that contributed to the course of the installation. His only official installation using the installation on Ubuntu Linux. This version was sometimes may also expire.

How to installation on Arch Linux is actually not officially supported but can be handled through any of AUR packages as follows:


Package lxc-docker will install the latest version of his tagged docker. Another one on Package lxc-docker-git will build from the master branch now.

Docker himself relies on some of the packages that have been specified as dependencies in the package AUR.
  • aufs3
  • bridge-utils
  • go
  • iproute2
  • linux-aufs_friendly
  • lxc
The following instructions assume yaourt installed. See Arch Repository User for information on how to build and install the package from AUR, if you haven't done it before.

Also note that if linux-aufs_friendly've not installed his new kernel that will be drawn up, it will run and takes quite a long time, type the following command at the terminal of your arch linux
yaourt -S lxc-docker-git

Start Docker 
Before starting the docker, she will modify Your bootloader using linux kernel-aufs_friendly and will be rebooting your system.

Later there will be a service unit systemd made for docker. To start service command typed docker, below on your terminal:
sudo systemctl start docker

To get started on your system boot, then you must type commands on your terminal as below:
sudo systemctl enable docker

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