Best Cd Ripper For Ubuntu

Do you Know Nero? A software that runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems, we use to burn the CD or DVD. Ranging from multimedia files such as songs, videos, up to ISO image. Nero is one of the most popular Windows applications because usually bundled together with CD-RW we buy. Then what are the alternatives on Linux?

Brasero is now the default CD/DVD burner that came with the distro Ubuntu. Brasero was developed for use in the Gnome desktop environment. The look of the interface is pretty simple and easy to use. But the ability of the pinned him quite complete. He was able to burn audio, video, data, ISO image, to copy between CD/DVD.

Gnome Baker
At first Baker was a Gnome CD/DVD burner application default to Ubuntu and most distros that use the Gnome desktop to another, before finally being replaced Brasero. His ability in the Affairs of burning files to a CD/DVD is not inferior to the paid software.

K3b or KDE Burn Baby Burn application CD burner/DVD/Blu-ray default for KDE desktop environment. In addition to having the ability to immerse a variety of audio files, video, data, and ISO image, K3B is also capable of extracting audio CD (ripping).

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