Best Virtual Machine For Ubuntu

Virtual machine is a software or application that we can take advantage of to run or operate a virtual operating system.

This time I will discuss what software categories include best virtual machine. Here the best virtual machine software is a smart version of the computer.

1. VirtualBox (Windows/Mac/Linux)
Predicate first rank I gave to VirtualBox. VirtualBox supports a variety of operating systems, allowing you to install any operating system you want. In addition, you can also get VirtualBox for free directly from his website.

You can also do file sharing, drives, peripherals and others, but before you must activate the Guest Additions first. But to the issue of resource, VirtualBox is not too much consuming memory.

2. VMWare Player (Windows/Linux)
There are two types of VMware, namely WMWare Player and VMWare Workstation, but I take the Player, as there is a free version. Unlike in VirtualBox. This in VMWare supported operating systems Linux and Windows only.

But, by using VMWare you definitely felt not merely using the virtual computers, but it's more than that. However for the use of a hardware resource, I still choose VirtualBox.

3. Qemu (Linux)
QEMU is a virtual machine that is created specifically for the Linux operating system in it. This virtual machine resource usage is relatively small, I often use it to simply experiment.

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