Can You Install Ubuntu On A Chromebook

Operating system Linux operating system has become popular among computer users. His ability and the large number of features that are available in small sizes as well as that makes it appealing is free will cost. Make it your choice as an alternative operating system.

Surely this little make confused computer users how to install linux on laptops, desktop computers, notebooks or Chromebook. On a laptop or desktop computer how to install easy enough to grasp and there are various types of Linux distributions that can be used.

Different from the case when we want to install Linux on Chromebook. To install Linux in Chrome is a bit difficult. Chromebook himself not just a browser and we can install Linux on Chromebook.

To facilitate the installation of Linux on Chromebook, we have tried to summarize the steps-steps that we collect from the internet. So to install Linux on Chromebook could try steps-steps that we arrange.

First we need to know that there are two build systems from Ubuntu for any kind of Chromebook, here are the two types of build system.

ChrUbuntu: the system build of Ubuntu can be installed in a traditional form as the Chromebook of Ubuntu, which is accessible via the boot menu when the Chromebook lit.

Croutons: while for the build system cannot be used as a dual boot, but accessible virtually that use chroot directly on Chromebook. So to switch to Ubuntu operating system in doing through the operating system that has been installed.

The following steps-steps to install Linux on Chromebook:
 1. The first step that needs to be done is to enable Developer Mode on Chromebook. To do this, press and hold down the Esc key and penyegeran (Refresh), and press the Power button to enter into Recovery Mode. While the previous version available for button to get into the mode of the developer.

2. once in recovery mode press the "Ctrl + D", on a question that appears select "Agree". This will make the Chromebook into mode developer. When we enter into the fashion system developers, the data will be deleted. It will take about 15 minutes to remove all the system data.

3. after the above process is completed, each time going into Chromebook there will be warnings appear on the screen, we just need to press the Ctrl + D or wait about 30 seconds a bit process continues. This happened just to remind that we are using in the mode of Chromebook developer.

4. now download and install the Croutons that will be used, or we could also try ChrUbuntu. After the download finished Croutons, press the Ctrl + Alt + T on the Chrome operating system, this will open the Chrome of the terminal. Next type the command "Shell" on the terminal and press the Enter key. This will bring us a Linux Shell mode, if the command does not work, it means we are not in a mode developer. So try again to get into the mode of developer and run the command again.

5. To enter the session once the entire installation process Croutons, run the following command:

sudo enter-chroot startxfce4 and then sudo startxfce4

6. To switch from one operating system to another operating system, takan Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Back and Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Forward. Use the forward button and the back navigation button the browser used is not the arrow keys on the keyboard. This applies to ARM Chromebook while Intel x 86/AMD64 Chromebook press the Ctrl + Alt + Back and Ctrl + Alt + Forward and Ctrl + Alt + Refresh.

7. to exit the Chroot, you use the Shut Down command, if you want to get back into the chroot, run the command "sudo startxfce4". While to reset the developer mode turn off enough Chromebook and turn off turn on the device.

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