Command to Check Memory Usage in Linux No tools

To ensure the performance of the server even though it virtual or dedicated large then the RAM is one of the most important factors. From experience when it's many visitors of the site then besides the processor usage increases memory also can swell dramatically. Already reasonable if we want to track the location of the problem and is in need of an upgrade to a larger package (and expensive of course).

To find out how much RAM is used by Linux server you then simply by typing the command:

After that, the display will appear as below:

Depending on how many MB or GB of memory VPS you can at least hundreds of thousands or millions. This unit is in bytes, so please you to 1024 and that's how many MB of free memory.

If they don't want to hasle converting then run command free last with parameters -m
free -m

The result will be more easily understood because it was converted to the units of Megabytes:

Description of the results of the command are now free:
  • total: Is how much memory your server entirely.
  • used: how much RAM is being used.
  • free: Large memory that is not being used.
  • Swap: additional Memory will be virtual, put in a hard drive.

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