Convert Html to Pdf Linux Command Line

When you search on Google to find the best solution to convert HTML to PDF on Linux, you will find a variety of solutions. However, this article will provide You with one of the simplest solution. 

Why HTML into PDF format? 
This is a decent option if you want to save your favorite web pages to be able to read and store them as well as offline usage. 

Some Of The Benefits 
Convert web pages to PDF has the advantage of more than just keeping them as HTML, such as a consistent appearance and layout in a different format, the pdf for the reader software could add explanations and also has the ability to add a password to the file. 

The solution 
Here is a simple solution that can guide you to convert HTML pages to PDF format on the Linux platform. 

1. You can use a command line utility called package wkhtmltopdf to convert any URL to PDF format.
The following commands for installation of wkhtmltopdf
$ sudo apt-get install wkhtmltopdf

Command to Convert HTML to PDF
Here is under orders that change the HTML file to PDF format.
$ wkhtmltopdf yahoo.pdf

In this example, we are converting to yahoo. pdf (you can change the URL naming conventions and PDF according your convenience)

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