How To Become A Linux System Administrator Part 1

On this occasion I will share their knowledge about how to become a Linux system administrator. Where this our discussion we will for a few volumes. Well just check out the article below:

During this time, many used as a server operating system, either on a local network as well as a global network. Linux capabilities in this area already no need to doubt. As a server, linux requires maintainance and governed by an administrator. On the "main" this time, we will discuss the ins and outs of Linux system administrator.

From history, we can see if Linux is indeed designed to be ready to work within the network. And, from year to year, Linux is also increasingly developing himself to be able to work with a wide range of network devices and the hardware of the server. With the ability to process and user settings that the better from time to time, no wonder if Linux ever widely used in areas of the server. Currently, with the entry of big companies like Novell, IBM, and SUN to Linux world, Linux positions more supported.

In the world of servers, obviously we know one or a group of users who will be responsible for installing the Linux operating system, settings, and other services so that these servers can serve users well.

This time, we'll look at the various ins and outs of the world ranging from the admin who is an admin? How is its position in a network system? What are the segmentation task administrator? Then, what are his duties for each type of admin? How did the common tasks an admin? Of course, we need to understand that the admin's own coverage is very broad. Moreover, Linux is an open operating system with so many choices, and sometimes, it requires an admin to must be active and good at looking.

Next, we'll discuss also what abilities it takes to be an admin a reliable Linux. Of course, we will discuss also nontechnical abilities in addition to technical skills. Technical ability is very important for an admin. But, without the ability of nontechnical, sometimes an admin can not work properly.

We will also discuss the risks of an admin. Being an admin is not a risk. We will also discuss how to minimize the risks. The admin should care about it.

In addition, we will discuss the tool-the tool what to be used by Admins to work smarter. Moreover, if the admin had to manage many users as a single fighter. In the Linux world and computer world in General, many tools that we can use in order to network and system settings, including managing and serving user can be done with minimal effort. Including a mandatory tool-tool that can be used to manage the data and back-up, as well as the many assistive tools and technology to prevent the occurrence of impaired security, which will have a direct impact on the user.

Do not forget, we will discuss a little about the problem also a code of conduct with respect to the Division of rights and responsibilities of an admin. Regardless of the problem of this code of conduct, an admin will never become a good admin and a good chance to harm the company or institutions into place to work.

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