How To Become A Linux System Administrator Part 2

On this occasion I will share their knowledge about how to become a Linux system administrator. Where our discussion this is a continuation of the previous discussion.

The administrator and its work
One or a group of users who have the responsibility for setting up the system, ranging from computer systems, network systems and everything that is necessary for the proper working environment as required.

A or group of administrators in addition to responsible in settings also need to keep the system in order to remain primed for work serving the user. Keep the system remains primed should be defined to keep the systems that are managed to potentially not the occurrence of interference internally. In addition, one or a group of administrators must also be attentive to the distractions from outside the system failed to serve its users.

A or group of administrators is part of the user's computer system as a whole. In fact, more broadly, especially in an enterprise, administrators are part of the company's employees, who have the rights and obligations in accordance with the regulations of the company. Of course, Admins have a responsibility to the computer system and not enclosed in a network system. Especially as part of a work environment, the administrator needs to keep up with the good code etiknya.

When drawn conclusions in General, the following are the tasks an administrator or group of:
  • Responsible for designing and implementing a network system to be used.
  • Responsible for designing and implementing a computer system that will be used. At the stage of designing, an admin needs to look at the services-what services need to be enabled. Admins also need to design some of the number of servers that will be used and how come the server should be used as much as it is. At the stage of implementation, the admin must embody the design so that its computer system can work well.
  • Responsible for managing a variety of existing resource with the best, including problems of access rights and security.
  • Responsible for managing the group and user, including its relationship with the security of and access to existing resources.
  • Responsible for keeping the network system remains in a prime condition.
  • Responsible for providing a work environment that is required by the user. In this case, the application is required, access to hardware, and so on.
  • Responsible for keeping the network system remains in a prime condition.
  • Responsible to keep your system free from internal disorder or external disruptions.
  • Responsible for keeping the existing resource can be saved properly (back-up) and can be restored if needed. Including the keep resource always stored can only be accessed by the parties concerned.
  • Responsible to restore the network conditions such as readily kala in a disaster.
  • Responsible for restoring the condition of your computer as readily kala in a disaster.
  • Responsible to return the resource as readily kala in a disaster.
  • Responsible for returning the data user as ready kala in a disaster.
  • Help planning/management section to determine the technology that will be ddigunakan. In this case, the admin should be very wise.
  • Help or serve the user to share the inconvenience caused resulting from any network or computer system istem.
  • Help planning chart to provide work procedures utilize computer systems and networks that are as simple as possible for the user.
  • Help planning section to provide a computer system or network that is scalable enough.
  • Continue to maintain the code of ethics of an admin.
Depending on the company/agency where an admin works, a term given by the administrator may vary. Starting from just the admin just to various terms in the language of the United Kingdom that sounded cool.

If we see the admin tasks previously mentioned, will of course look very creepy in all tasks must be run by an administrator only. Of course not so. That's why I use an or group of administrators. At least we can break down into two types administrator :
  1. The network administrator. An administrator or group of the network should focus on something related to the design and implementation of a network, make sure the network can work with prima and restore network conditions such as on hand in case of damage of old. If there are network administrators join in designing the technology used, is suitable to the conditions of work.
  2. The system administrator. One or a group of system administrators should focus on all things related to computer systems, including servicing, user settings, resource settings, data, and so on.
The administrator in charge of both cooperate in completing admin tasks discussed earlier. However, it still needed the other parts to help the success of the administrator tasks:
  • Part of planning. Depending on the company/Agency, part of this planning could either be IT manager/director, head of section, or hand delivered to the admin itself. It would be nice if planning not handed directly to admin. Admin can give advice, but the planners still need to have a clear vision.
  • The part that dealing directly with the user. Training to users is one of the responsibilities of this section. This could indeed be assumed by an administrator (as mentioned on the previous admin tasks), but because not all have ability of communication and training, this section can be separated on its own.
  • Security auditor/response team. Security is a topic of its own that need to be dealt with by experts. Task actual administrator is to maintain the best possible program used, apply patch when available and open your eyes and ears wide to keep the system to keep it safe. However, the cracker has a way to damage the system, which is more worth to be handled by the security response team. On the network or systems critical, use security auditor before deployment, and the admin is not recommended to do this yourself.
  • Developer. Sometimes, the admin needs one or two programs to be able to complete its work costum. Sometimes, administrators can create their own programs, such as utilizing a shell script. However, not all administrators have this ability. Depending on the company/agency where admin work, would like to have the developer on its own or combine it with the existing administrators. The task of developing your own solution is intentionally not we put into the list of admin tasks since different actually far enough. However, before the company separates the developers and Admins, also need to understand what needs to be developed. If it turns out to be ironed out with the help of a few lines of script shelll, or tool-tool that has been provided to the shell script, then this obligation is still rasa-rasanya Admins.
Sometimes, admin tasks could only be either maintenance system when the policy is run by the company is to outsource the design and initial implementation to the other party. As well as serious problems occur, the company will throw back to the other party which may have been contracted.

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