How To Check Apache Status In Ubuntu

To manage the websites in the production environment server ubuntu 12.04-is best to manage it. As we know that ubuntu 12.04-stable and will receive updates until 2017. For managing websites I prefer Apache2 because most stable and compatible with all other modules available on the outside.

Apache2 webserver easy to management. Now we will notice that the method to check the status of Apache. For in a production environment we should monitor the hits on the server, the charge on the server. Follow the instruction.

1. we must install apache 2 webserver by way of entering commands in the terminal:
$ sudo apt-get install apache2

2. After you install apache2 webserver and then please feel free to get started with how to type the command as below:
$ sudo service apache2 restart

3. To enable the server status, we have to sign in to/etc/apache2/
$ cd /etc/apache2/
$ cd mods-enabled
$ sudo vim status.conf

4. Now we try from, and adjust according to your network and two other comment lines

Comment this two line:-
# Remon from all
# Allow from

Uncomment this line:-
Allow from - This is my network and your network according to please

On this line will allow you to see the status of the network

5. And now restart apache2 server by way of a check in the browser
$ sudo service apache2 restart

6. And then open the link in your browser

Now you can see the status of your apache2 server, please comment below.

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