How to Check System Performance in Linux

This time I wanted to share a little bit about how to monitor the performance of the linux system by using "sysstat" working in the terminal, why not just use monitor sytem, use the GUI and nicer. Indeed the GUI on the linux system monitor is indeed nice, but for who works under Command Line such as the user who was doing a remote ssh on the server, monitor server performance with System Monitor become impossible, in conditions like this is "sysstat "it needs.

OK straight on the installation, the mengguankan debian and turunanya can be directly installed with
#apt-get install sysstat

wait until the installation process is complete. then let the kit apelajari the usefulness of individual commandments themselves sysstat.

Displays statistics on CPU and I/O on a, without any argument, "sysstat" will display the CPU and the use of "Input Output Buffer" at all "Drive".

1. The statistical data shows only CPU usage or on i/o only, by adding the option "-c" to display the data on the cpu or the "-d" option to display statistics on storage (drive).

2. to display the data I/O on a unit of MB/s (Mega bytes per Second) you can add the option "-m".

3. If you drive more than one (for example, sda, sdb, sdc) to display statistics on a particular drive anywhere you can use option "-p" followed drive (sda, sdb, sdc).

4. to display the time on the computer you can add the option "-t".

5. to display the Extended Status on all drives and partitions you can use option "-x", but if you want a special display on certain srive (sda) you can add the name of the drive after the option "-x".

6. to monitor or running "iostat" every certain time interval until you hit Ctrl + C you can add numbers after "iostat".

7. to run iostat in certain interval (X), to a certain extent you (Y) then you could add two numbers after the iostat (e.g. #iostat 2 15 : then the iostat will refresh on every 2 seconds to 15 times).

8. to display the version of LVM with versions of LVM please add the option "-N".

9. to display the versions of the iostat please add option "-v".

OK so that I can share, if anyone want to ask or want to share add to my survivors, may be useful.

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