How to Install Nessus on Kali Linux

Nessus is an artificial Tenable Network Security software that is often used to find a vulnerability on computers that are connected on a network.

Nessus is designed to check the starting a small network to a large network in a fast and can be used for single-host (only 1 IP address). The focus of the checks performed by Nessus is in terms of patches from the operating system as well as the ports are open so feared to cause insecurity in the network.

Nessus can be obtained for free through her official website HERE, please select which version of Nessus for Home. Maximum checks for the version of Home is as much as 16 host and got no support from Tenable. As for the advantages of Nessus, namely in terms of web-based operation that makes it easy for users to operate it.

It is recommended to use Nessus with the Google Chrome browser and Mozilla Firefox latest.

Then how do I set it up on your laptop or your computer?, the following explanation:

1. Please download first here could also be official website
2. When you've finished the download, then the next please open your terminal and type the following command:
dpkg -i Nessus-5.2.6-debian6_i386.deb

Then the installation process will run

3. Next please open your browser at the your KALI LINUX (iceweasel) and then you type in the address bar as below:

Follow these steps by pressing the Next button, and then the display will appear to enter Activation Code

We will take the aktivasinya code, open the back of the browser with the following link

Once you enter towards the official website then please select (my recommendation-select nessus home), due to the nessus home registration is free, and then you download the plugin.

Nessus is finally ready for your use.

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