How To Setup Openstack On Ubuntu

In installing the OpenStack there are some options which are
  • VM AIO (All in One VM/Single Node) to try we require only one node only. However, generally this technique just to test it as an introduction to openstack, in terms of features.
  • Multi Node is usually minimal technique using two VM (controller and computer) to run a minimum service in the Openstack. To make the production DataCenter Cloud typically use this technique, because it is very scalable, when it wants to add its nodes.
To install this we could use the Openstack DevStack and is very simple.

Devsteck is a script that is used to install the openstack automatically. but remember this is not on the recomendasikan server to production.

To install the openstack this time I use ubuntu at 14, but can also be installed on some OS that already support with openstack like centos, opensuse, mirantis, fedora and redhat.

If you are already logged in to ubuntu and then open your terminal and type the following command:
#sudo su -

Input your root user password, and then add the user "stack" 
# adduser stack
Then change the password with the new one. But if you want to use an existing does nothing.
# sudo passwd stack

After that you must install git, the goal is to clone devstack from github
# sudo apt-get install git

After you install git, we should clone from its github desvstack
# git clone

Wait a few moments to clone the github, when finished clone on github. You must give access rights to the user stack, use the script below.
# devstack/tools/; su stack
That means the user stack is already getting permissions to install his devstack. Next you get into /home/stack
# cd /home/stack/

Once you get into /home/stack/ folder then after that you have to clone the github devstack.
# git clone

Once completed the clone devstack, then the next step is to log in with a user stack
# su stack

Then enter a folder devstack
# cd devstack/

After that you need to add the local.conf file, password for automation
#nano local.conf
In the local.conf file we provide password admin123, with service that will take the password is database, rabbit and service password.

In the deploy openstack I usually use ssh, so more easy and flexible, but there are times when the ssh menfgunakan it could be problematic if, if the connection fails or his ssh suddenly close. There are however solutions use Microsoft peritah screen.
screen -dmS devstack
screen -x devstack
su stack

After the above settings is set up, then it was time to run the file

Wait until the installation process is complete, usually kalo internet connection with average 512-1024 Kbit/s takes 3 to 5 hours, please lot prayed that no error while installation process

However, if the installation process we will menjanlan the installation process under the screen then.
ctrl +a+d

Press the ctrl + a + d at the same time, then the installation process looks to stop but in fact it's still the way it just under the screen. But if you want to display the installation process him back, you can type the command
screen -x devstack

If the installation process is complete, it will appear like this

Please try to open his openstack via dashboard, by accessing its openstack ip address.

Please input the password and username you have settings.

So just post this time, may be useful for you all

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