Install Itunes For Ubuntu Other Tutorial

As we all know that iTunes is one of the Apple Computer Software that can play, organize and buy songs (from the iTunes Store). ITunes can also be used to manage content on iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. IOS users use iTunes to download apps from the App Store.

Here is the step by step iTunes installation on linux and in this article we will use Ubuntu Linux Operating System, but before you have to know that iTunes can not run on Linux without help Supporting software that allows iTunes application can run in linux operating system.

PlayOnLinux is a supporting application that allows you to run or install multiple Windows applications within Linux.

Install PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu Linux
1. Open your linux terminal by pressing the keyboard key combination (CTRL + ALT + T) or by searching in accessories on ubuntu linux menu then run the following command on your Linux terminal (sudo apt-get install playonlinux).

2. If PlayOnLinux is already installed on your linux, then you can open the PlayOnLinux app, you will see some of the most popular, most downloaded, or even the latest apps, then type iTunes in the PlayOnLinux search field.

3. Select the version of iTunes you want to install.

4. You will be presented with version notification and installation location, then continue by clicking NEXT.

5. Furthermore PlayOnLinux will download iTunes and will automatically search for iTunes sources that match the version you selected earlier.

6. Finally you will see the installation wedget for iTunes, then click Next and follow the procedure just like you install simple on Windows operating system.

7. After following all the iTunes installation procedures, you can enjoy iTunes on your Ubuntu, or any other linux distro according to your Distro.

Note: PlayOnLinux has some issues with iTunes Version 10, we suggest you install iTunes version 7. But you can also enjoy iTunes with the help of Wine to install version 10, but iTunes 10 performance is not as good as iTunes7.

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