Install Itunes For Ubuntu

Portal from Apple provides music and movies in a number of very many. Not just music today, but music from the old school is also there, pamper every music lover to find and buy songs and movies from iTunes, even including me, which although currently still does not have iDevices ( Apple product stuff) -was very impressed with iTunes. How not, some portals from the homeland today still do not have seriousness in the field of digital music, although there are skymusik and melon, but the collection is still not complete iTunes (one side I also appreciate them, and it is also because of remarks from the community that still memandag Eye of legal content).

Although we are in the middle of an era where there is a slogan 'piracy is not a sin', I still believe, some people, religious or not (yes, religion does not guarantee, friends ..) have a conscience to reward the perpetrators of the digital world, Is a musician. But what I'm talking about is, iTunes is only available for the 2 biggest OSs today: Macs from Apple itself and of course Windows. Well, how about me and us who use linux, and especially OS that I use this is Ubuntu.

Let's look at the steps:
1. Install the playonlinux program first
From my experience .. for those using Ubuntu 12.04, input the repo from Playonlinux to get the latest Playonlinux program, while Ubuntu 14.04 has got the latest Playonlinux. Here's how to use Ubuntu 12.04:
wget -q "" -O- | sudo apt-key add -
sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/playonlinux.list
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install playonlinux

Copy and paste each line, then enter, so on until update the list of programs and install Playonlinux.

2. Install iTunes from Playonlinux
Click "install" menu that has icon "add / +". There will be a new window that appears and the refresh process from Playonlinux, then type the word "itunes" in the search / search field.

If there are 2 iTunes versions that show up (iTunes 10 and 12), then ignore the version 12 because I myself still have not successfully installed the version. Click iTunes version 10, after which you will be prompted to name the virtual drive that will be made by Playonlinux for the iTunes 10 program, give any name (eg itunes10, must be without spaces). Continue until Playonlinux downloads some of the libraries needed to support iTunes 10 installations. Then you will arrive at the Playonlinux session requesting a program (extension .EXE) from iTunes 10. Simply download it on Apple's official website, or googling it with the keyword "download itunes 10 ".

IMPORTANT NOTE: The version of iTunes I successfully installed is version 10.3.1. I tried the previous version but failed. Make sure you download the correct version.

3. Final Installation
After Playonlinux installs iTunes, there is an IMPORTANT part, that is when iTunes installation to offer open program after install, select unchecked, because there is one more session from Playonlinux, that you are prompted to create a shortcut for iTunes. Just click itunes.exe, next, then choose to not want to create a shortcut anymore. Next, and done

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