Install Node.js Linux Ubuntu 14.04

Node JS is a Java-based platform for the script task, a ' runner ', which is increasing in popularity, due to the very helpful developers in developing the project. With more than 100,000 NPM (node package manager), the documentation that classmates wordpress, Node JS is a fresh breeze for users of open source.

Node JS can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux. Windows users simply install only .msi and can run its functions from the ' cmd ' default terminal windows, but here is how to install Node JS on Ubuntu at 14.

How to easily install Node JS on Ubuntu at 14 is as follows:

sudo apt-get install nodejs

Once done, you type the following command on your linux terminal
sudo apt-get install npm (perform node installation package manager)

Next you type the command again in the terminal as below
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs  usr/bin/node (create a symbolic link with the alias ' node ' because many tools that use alias ' nodes ')

After all that is done you do then please check first whether the results of his installation is correct by means of entering the following commands on your terminal
nmp -v

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