Install Plex On Ubuntu

We will just go ahead to install plex in ubuntu, let's start how do I instal plex on linux ubuntu, I will describe the first is the installation:

1. We will Download the package from Here Plex Media Server. Or it could be through the terminal by way of entering commands as below:


2. After the package finishes downloading, because in here extension package is "deb". We install only with type a command in the terminal:
dpkg -i plexmediaserver

3. After completion of the process, we headed to the browser and type localhost: 32400/manage/index/html.

Then the display will show up like this.
and proceed by clicking Agree.

4. Next comes the look of Welcome to Plex Media Server. Please enter your Username, Email and Password. After that Sign Up.

5. After that select whether Plex Media Server you can connect with server Plex. Please enter a friendly name

6. Display Home of the Plex Media Server. Yet any unfilled.

7. To add the channel, we click Channels > > click Install Channels

8. Select the Channel you want. Example: select Soundcloud. Then Install

9. After that, to be able to access the Soundclod. Click on Soundcloud (already installed) > > click Browse.

10. Now can listen to the song via Soundcloud from the Plex Media Server.

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