Ip Traffic Monitor Linux

On this occasion I would like to share a little bit of how to monitor the network through IPtraf, before him there who already know what IPtraf? following his explanation if it is not.

Iptaf is a computer program yg yg console-based network statistics provides. Iptraf work by collecting TCP data connection, such as statistics, activity and drop interface, TCP and UDP traffic. Iptraf is available and can be used the GNU/Linux operating system. Iptraf allows us to analyze the network traffic we are about the size of the package, a Protocol (such as IP, TCP and UDP), port and network interface.

Reply there are features on iptraf, among others, as follows:
1. IP traffic Monitor and show traffic information network.
2. General statistics interface.
3. Statistics module is LAN find hosts and displays the data on its activities.
4. Monitor TCP, UDP packet network for the account shows the connection port applications.

Because of his many evil people that often creep into the network without your knowledge, and make your network is slow, we can monitor IPtraf network we can see any IP that go into the network and many more features that are available in his.

In order to install IPtraf and can find out the traffic network.

1. First open a terminal and log as a super user with the command sudo du then type command apt-get install iptraf 

2. If IPtraf already installed which we will use to monitor, and then you can just type in the command iptraf on the terminal.

3. Then it would appear like the following display click enter to see.

4. Well here we will see the IP which is connected to our network, click enter.

5. First we select the interfaces that will be monitoring.

6. It will pop up the IP Address and Service along with a port used

7. Well here's kit can choose what we will monitoring.

Hopefully science can be beneficial for you all.

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