Kali Linux Wireless Tools Problems

To address wireless which is not detected on KALI LINUX SANA for Broadcom devices some solution as I have experienced. This installation is not intended only for KALI LINUX 2.0 SANA just may be in another operating system based on open source but for now I try at KALI LINUX SANA.

Here's how to Install the Broadcom Drivers On Kali Linux 2.0 I try:
  • In the early stages we have to know that we have a series of Broadcom with syntax lspci | grep Network
  • It will come out info about Broadcom series we use, for example BCM43142
  • Then check where the driver for device compatibility we are HERE
  • Find your Broadcom series that we use on the web, whether support for driver b43 driver or with the wl in the column support and alternative
  • The next step I for two ways to b43 driver and driver wl

Install Driver b43
# apt-get install b43-fwcutter

Activate it:
# modprobe -r brcmsmac wl
# modprobe b43

Reboot, then check with the command:
# ifconfig -a | grep wlan0

Install Driver wl
# apt-get install broadcom-sta-dkms

Activate it:
# modprobe -r b43 brcmsmac
# modprobe wl

Reboot, then check with the command:
# ifconfig -a | grep wlan0

Now, how can his wifi?, as I do already detected, so I hope you are also the same and often-a frequent visitor here.

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