Kali Vulnerability Scanner Site With Uniscan Tools

Uniscan is a tool for web application vulnerability scanner written in the programming language perl. with the uniscan we can find information about whether a site has a crack like "xss, sqli, rfi/lfi. uniscan" is already available at the time of linux, so we do not need to install it again.

Now I will exemplify the injunction as follows "http://www.SITE-TARGET.com", by entering the command below in terminal:
uniscan -u http://www.SITE-TARGET.com -qweds

Example Site : http://www.enkay.ca
the function of the options above are in use to find
q -> directory
w -> files
e ->file robots. txt
d -> dynamic means finding bugs/gaps that exist within the site
s -> static

Let's see the result of the above command

In the picture above there is information about the apache domain, IP, directory and files contained in the site

The picture above shows the site is not "robot.txt", there are some plugins that are in use, there are 2 emails and an external host.
Not in discover a web backdoors, file upload, source code, and the php info

It turns out that site there are gaps sql injection

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