Linux Cpu Temp Monitor

In the default setting, on Linux Mint 14 can you me-monitor your CPU temperature either via the GUI or via a Terminal program. To monitor CPU temperature through a GUI program the way you open the Menu > Administration > System Information, then click the Sensors at the Devices. Meanwhile, if you want me-monitor CPU temperature him through the Terminal, here's how you type command watch -n 1 -d sensors. Image screenshot below shows how to display my monitor temperature information either through the program System Information as well as through the Terminal.

Information displayed by default only the CPU temperature only, now what if you want to see other information such as the speed of the CPU and the voltage of the fan, how you type the command sudo sensors-detect then enter her password and then you answer her questions.

Then on the following questions:

Do you want to add these lines automatically to /etc/modules? (yes/NO)

Answer y (yes) on these questions, it means I am allowed the program to write a few lines to the file /etc/modules to the module is loaded at boot time. 

When you finish answering the questions you now restart your computer and then open it again its System Information program or type the command again watch -n 1 -d sensors in your Terminal application, information will appear later CPU temperature, fan speed and voltage as you can see in the image the screenshots below:


I personally prefer the hell his monitor through Terminal applications, why? because if through the Terminal every change that occurs will be given a sign highlighting, so more easy to monitor him.

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