Linux Mint Remote Desktop

Now I will share to you about remote desktop in linux mint, this is what I will share to you now, it really isn't difficult, just that you might not know the commandments and what should be done as the beginning, let's see together what we should do as a beginning

Simply by making sure applications vino ter-install (usually already exist on linux mint) by using the command:
sudo apt-get install vino

If not already installed, the system will download and install the application. If it already exists, the system will miss it.

Next is configuring the remote desktop. Search Desktop Application Sharing through the menu Preferences. Or type in the terminal:

Select the appropriate image below:

After that open a terminal, type this command:
gsettings set org.gnome.Vino require-encryption false
Enter and try connection.
I managed to connect using tightvnc viewer client from Windows 7.

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