Linux Monitor Network Traffic Command Line With iftop and iptraf

Iftop command to monitor the network traffic on the network interface or interface first in discover that looked like an external interface if it is not specified and the table showing bandwidth usage by pairs of hosts at the moment.

Iftop is the perfect tool for Linux server remotely via ssh sessions.

Should iftop be run by root or a user that has permissions sufficient to monitor all network traffic on the network interface.

Type the command at the shell prompt tge iftop to monitor traffic:

However, iftop works best when you use a filter. For example, if you want to find out how much bandwidth users who dispose of or trying to figure out why the network is slow, type the command as below:
# iftop -f icmp

You can display or analysis packages that flow in and out of the network, we demonstrated with the following IP
# iftop -F

Disable output for DNS traffic by using the sieve code such as:
# iftop -f 'not port domain'

iftop has many choices of reading manual pages
Once installed, then run IPTraf with command line and will bring up the system menu-driven ascii which will allow you to see the amount of traffic the IP interface statistics and Details, also gave rise to damage per protocol. For installation iptraf please when command line in your linux terminal as below:
#apt-get install iptraf

Once you have done the installation, then there could've been run the iptraf command line type way on your linux terminal as below:

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