Linux Operating System List Part 2

11. FreeBSD – indeed technically not Linux, but they remain brothers and was ranked 11th on distrowatch. BSD is a Linux derivative developed at the University of California at Berkeley. His own is an acronym for BSD Berkeley Software Distribution. FreeBSD is the brother of BSD distributions.

12. CentOS - based Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and is an acronym for Community Enterprise Operating System. CentOS is a free operating system based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

CentOS stands for Community ENTerprise Operating System (operating system Company-made Community/society).

13. DreamLinux - derivative distros Debian comes from Brazil and it looks very similar to Mac OS x. There is no history behind this name, just a mix of dream and Linux.

14. Puppy Linux - a distribution live CD that prioritizes ease-of-use. These distributions have a mascot named "Puppy" which is a Chihuahua. Puppy Linux is a Live CD Linux distribution that is very small in size and emphasis on ease of use.

The entire system can be run from RAM, allowing the boot medium to be removed after the operating system has started.

15. Kubuntu KDE - only + Ubuntu only.

16. Zenwalk - quite confusing. When you visit their site, their tagline reads "ever tried zen computing?," so the Zen part is obvious. But the "walk" with the logo of the dolphins? Dolphins can't even walk. Anyone writing writing an email to JP Guillemin, creator of such distributions to ask for explanation. The answer: "Hi, Zenwalk is used so that it reads much like the famous Nextstep, Os created when Steve Jobs was fired by Apple."

17. Slackware - was created by Patrick Volkerding, initially was a personal project but not to be serious, Patrick named this project with "slack" of the Church of the SubGenius means a situation where someone is using energy seminim likely to live.

This distro is a distro artificial Patrick Volkerding of Slackware Linux Inc. the famous first after the SLS. Slackware is one of initial distributions and is the oldest surviving managed Slackware, the ultimate goal is stability and ease of design, as well as being the most similar Linux distribution on Unix, a simple, stable, easily changed, and is designed for computer 386/486 or higher. This distribution includes a cryptic and manual distributions for Linux beginners, but by using this distro a few users can find out a lot of the workings of the distribution system.

Slackware linux includes the oldest surviving in Overdrive all the time. Recently he returned to a new generation of Slackware release version 11 among a wave of launch other major distros such as Mandriva and Fedora 6 is no longer.

18. Knoppix - a distro Klaus Knopper created and named after his own name. Knoppix is a live Linux distro cd that can be run via a CD-ROM without installing it on the hard-disk. This Debian-based Linux distributions. The application is very complete and suitable for learning Linux for those who do not have space on my hard drive, can also to rescue CD. The downside of knoppix is a great memory it needs to use the graphics mode that is 96 MB although it could also run on a 64 MB memory with swap on a hard-disk as the experience of the author but you need to be a little patient.

19. Gentoo - based distros all application source code should be compiled from scratch to maximize speed. This fact changed the name of Enoch into Gentoo, i.e. type of penguin's fastest swimmer. Gentoo Linux is a Linux distribution that uses the package management system Portage. [Compare with: Debian packages which use the. deb, RedHat/Mandrake uses a rpm package.].

The Management Pack is designed to be modular (easy ditambah-tambah), portable (can be ported to other distributions), easily laid out, flexible, and optimized for each user's computer.

20. Slax Live CD distro - a Slackware based, so also is his name.

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