Linux Operating System List Part 3

21. Sidux - based Linux distro-an unstable version of Debian with the code name "Sid" was taken from the Sid Phillips character in Toy Story, usually destroying toys and torturing his sister Hannah.

22. Ubuntu Studio – just a derivative of Ubuntu which is devoted to the production of multimedia.

23. PC-BSD - BSD-based distros, made for ease of installation with user-friendly GUI and program with the KDE desktop as the default option, so given the name PC in front of him.

24. Xubuntu - XFCE + Ubuntu

25. Foresight - a distro that uses the Conary package manager as that features rolling update, unlike most distros that just give a big update twice a year. For example, when Banshee 1.0, users will have the Foresight this latest application in less than 1 week, while Ubuntu users have to wait until October. The name Foresight taken because you will get the application in advance compared to other distros.

26. DesktopBSD - from his website: "DesktopBSD aims to be a stable and powerful OS for desktop users.

27. Red Hat - this name and logo have some very interesting stories. These stories will be described by one of the inventors of Red Hat's Bob Young. Red Hat is a distro that is quite popular among developers and Enterprise Linux. Support-technical support, training, certification, application development and kernel hackers and the arrival of free-software such as Alan Cox, Michael Johnson, Stephen Tweedie makes Red Hat develops quickly and used in the company. The biggest points of these distributions are Red Hat Package Manager (RPM). RPM is a software to create packages on our Linux system and is considered the de-facto standard in packaging on derivatives and distros that support these distributions.

28. OpenGEU - initially called Geubuntu. a distro based on Ubuntu that uses GNOME and Enlightenment as windows manager ("G" and "E"). However, due to some legal issues, then the name was changed to OpenGEU.

29. Elive - one of Debian based distro that uses Enlightenment as windows manager.

30. Freespire - in August 2005, a Live CD distro called Linspire-based Freespire is published on the internet by mistake. These distributions eventually evolved into its own distro. Linspire was originally called "Lindows" but one of the employees of the Division of Microsoft Windows brand "breaking" them and then file charges. Microsoft ultimately loses in court, then they decided to pay $20 million to Lindows to change its name to Linspire. Freespire is a free version of Linspire distribution,

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