Linux Operating System list Part 4

31. Frugalware - I can't find the name of the documented history, but most likely the name was taken from a frugality means philosophy where someone does not believe in the "expert" knowledge of the commercial market or corporate culture.

32. Fluxbuntu - distro based on Ubuntu again. This time using the Fluxbox window manager as windows manager.

33. Xandros - taken from the name of the X Windows system and the islands of Andros Greece. Xandros Linux is a Linux distribution based on the KDE system. It looks very similar to Microsoft Windows, so when operated very easy and convenient. But Xandros has better integration with Windows networks, able to run the OfficeXP applications, able to meresize NTFS partitions during installation, etc. Xandros is also not a free product but commercial.

34. TinyME - a distro based PCLinuxOS is small, its name taken from the two words "tiny" and "me".

35. gOS – a distro based on Ubuntu that has strong integration with Google applications, letter "g" is taken from Google. GOS is the length of ' Good OS LLC ' or the name of the company that makes this distro.

36. Backtrack - a distro security and penetration testing with various security and Forensics Tools. The name was taken from the usability of these distributions, i.e. "back tracing" (rescan) the bully and now it was sold to a large company and then was renamed the kali linux.

37. KULIAX - Kuliax is a LiveCD Linux distribution developed by Kuliax Project for education in the University. This distribution is based on Debian GNU/Linux and Knoppix, and have optimized toward the use of desktop Linux.

38. LYCORIS - was Lycoris linux distros have made a version of linux and WinXP, resembling in terms of color, icon, or its convenience. From the look of the screenshots on their site You can observe that Lycoris is a Linux distro that clever beautify so using Lycoris you'll ever work with Windows XP. Even OpenOffice which is bundled with Lycoris has icon-icon and typical Lycoris. Lycoris has different packages, packages its Linux distro called Desktop/LX. Lycros has the features of IRIS that is Internet Rapid Installer for Linux to update Your Software with new software. It's just this distro is not free and you need to pay.

 39. LINDOWS - Lindows still than in terms of Lycoris beauty look but Lindows have been more mature and has reached version 4.0. Facilities that draw from Lindows is Click-n-Run i.e. facilities get thousands of Linux software that is already configured for Lindows with one-click installation process and it can also add a shortcut on the desktop and the program list automatically. Lindows is also a commercial product.

40. LINARE - Linare desktop Linux distributions have special and packages already installed Linare CPU. Linare still seldom heard and is a newcomer. Linare is also a commercial product.

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