Linux Remote Desktop Client

Remmina is actually the default application for ubuntu gnome desktop at 14, if from another linux and other versions of course differ depending on the manufacturer of the reponya, but most all the same default ubuntu applications. only a few are already not supported by its creator so that default applications between different versions.
Previously we need to connect remmina is server ip, username and password.
for example we have the following data:
server IP:
username: little
password: jhon

To unlock, select search remmina your computer and online sources in the top left hand corner and then type remmina.

Search your computer -> remmina

then type remmina

the main page will appear then remmina

create the rdp connection to the server cyber building
create new remote desktop file -> Remote desktop preference
Please enter as follows:
profile: cyber
Protocol: RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol
on the menu of basic fill
username: little
password: jhone
color depth = true color (32 bpp) color = true color depth (32 bpp)
Note: if it feels slow, color depth can be cut using 256 color (8bpp)

For full screen click the logo in the top left hand corner of the fullscreen number 2 from the left

And your computer is already connected to a windows server in a network using remmina

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