Metasploit The Penetration Tester's Guide Part 3

Metasploit Armitage GUI
In this chapter, we will look at how to use Metasploit GUI for Armitage. Armitage is a tool complementary to Metasploit. This visualization of targets, recommended exploitation and showed post-features sophisticated exploits. Armitage is joined with the distribution of the times. If you are prompted to perform penetration testing, then you will have to use both tools together.

Let us learn how to work with Armitage GUI. At first, open the Metasploit console and go to Applications → Exploitation Tools → Armitage.

After that you will be prompted to enter a Host and others and please fill the form
Enter the necessary details on the next screen and click Connect.

Once you have the content and then click connect then the display will appear as below.

Armitage is very user friendly. The GUI has three different areas: Targets, Console, and Modules.
  1. Area Targets list of all machines that you've found and people You work with. the target of the hack has a red color with a storm on it. After you've hacked the targets, you can right click on it and continue to explore with you what you need to do, such as explore (browsing) folder.
  2. Console area provide a view for a folder. Just by clicking on it, you can directly navigate to the folder without using the Metasploit.
  3. The area of Modules is the part that contains the list of modules vulnerability.

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