Metasploit The Penetration Tester's Guide Part 6

Metasploit Vulnerability Validation
Metasploit Pro has a feature called Vulnerability Validation to help you save time with automatic vulnerability to validate and give you an overview of the most important vulnerabilities that can be very harmful to your system. He also has the option to classify vulnerabilities according to their severity.

Let's see how you can use this option. Open Metasploit Console Web Pro → Project → Vulnerability Validation.

Next, enter the name of the project and provide an easy explanation about the project. Then, click the Start button.

Click the "Pull from the Nexpose". Select "Import existing Nexpose vulnerability data" as shown in the following screenshot.

Click Tags → Tag automatically by the OS. This will separate the vulnerability for you.

Next, go to Exploit → Sessions and check the option "Clean up sessions when done". This means that when a vulnerability will be checked, there will be an interaction between the machine and the machine vulnerable Metasploit.

Klik Generate Report → Start .

Next, you will see the Validation Wizard. Here, you have to click on a Push button validations.

You will get the following screen once you have all the list of vulnerabilities tested.

To see the results of susceptibility test, go to Home → Projects → Name vulnerabilities.

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