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Now I am going to share with you a tool that is very popular, simple and powerful in use to know the host, service, the operating system that is used by the system to be accessed. But we learn it's not to do evil to others and also ruin other people's systems, but this is just for knowledge only and it is important to note and learned to use it positively.

Nmap which stands for Network Mapper is the hacker tools used to perform the mapping of a network. With Nmap can be known, computer or host where active and about to be further exploitation. Nmap is available in a variety of operating systems ranging from Unix, Linux to Windows.

Nmap is available in several versions and formats. The release of the latest source and binary packages are described below. The older version (and sometimes new test release) available from the directory. For more security-paranoid users, GPG detached signatures and the SHA-1 hash for each release are available in the sigs directory (verification instructions). Before downloading, be sure to read the relevant sections for your platform from the Nmap Install Guide. The most important changes (features, bug fixes, etc) in each Nmap version are described in the Changelog. Using Nmap is covered in the manual, and don't forget to read the documentation available, especially the new book Nmap Network Scanning!

Nmap runs on all versions of Windows since NT, including 2 k, XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Server 2003/2008. Please read the Guide to Install it in windows but unfortunately the limitations of the installation instructions for the Windows version of Nmap. In particular, read about special Windows 2000 (Win2K) dependencies if you are using the platform. You can choose from installer (including dependencies and also the Zenmap GUI) or the command line version is much smaller in file extension zip.

The latest release of Nmap installer self-7.60-Setup.exe, Download here

For those who prefer the zip file (installation instructions; Usage instructions), they are still available. Zenmap graphical interface is not included, so the Dude need to run nmap from the DOS/command window. Or you can download and install a superior shell commands as supplied with the free Cygwin system. Also, you need to run the Winpcap and Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Package installer that is included in the zip file. The main advantage is that the zip files are a fraction of the size of the installer is executed.

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