Remote Desktop For Ubuntu

Understanding Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop Is a feature that is present on the computer operating systems that allow other users to connect to a server or a machine from a distance, as though the user were in front of the machine or on a remote server that is his.

Remote Desktop using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) with port 3389 TCP, if in a windows-based operating systems, the software we know RealVNC, UltraVNC and Team Viewer we use for the purposes of remote desktop.

How to Remote Desktop in Linux By Remmina
If in linux especially ubuntu, for the purposes of the remote server's desktop PC from a PC Client that I will discuss this time a little bit different, not like the Windows OS that requires third-party applications in a linux OS ubuntu already there is the default application for the purposes of the remote desktop Client.

You must enable desktop sharing feature in PC servers that will be remotely from a PC Client, do I sign in to Dash Home when the DESKTOP SHARING and keyword if it appears please click to open it.

Check ALLOW OTHER USERS TO VIEW YOUR DESKTOP and ALLOW OTHER USERS TO CONTROL YOUR DESKTOP, on the option security please tick the REQUIRE THE USER TO ENTER THIS PASSWORD so that later users to remote desktop you should enter a password authentication for security reasons, next on the SHOW NOTIFICATION AREA icon select NEVER so that when you remote PC server directly without having to be in confirmasi in advance

After the configuration is completed on a PC server configuration settings in your next remmina remote desktop client that is on the client PC or on your PC, go to Dash Home, typed keyword REMMINA REMOTE DESKTOP CLIENT, if it is open please enter parameters such as the examples below.

Name = contents of sesiai with the name of the hostname that will be on the remote
PROTOCOL = select VNC-Server Nertwork Computing
SERVER = input the IP of the server that will be on the remote
USERNAME = user ID from your server PC
Password = the password from the server PC that will be placed when logged in

Then check the option SHOW REMOTE CURSOR so that the cursor is displayed when doing remote desktop to the PC Server, when it's done click SAVE and CONNECT.

If the configuration is already done well, then you can already me remote PC server from a PC client remote desktop remmina, with more or less the result will be like this if the configuration is correct and will be well underway.

Up here means you can already me-remote desktop linux ubuntu server or another pc using linux OS ubuntu without having to install a third-party remote desktop software.

Aside from remmina desktop, you can also install teamviewer which already support and can be installed on linux systems, the shortage when you use remote desktop remmina is you don't get to me-the remote computers of different platforms, whereas if you use teamviewer can me remotely other computers of different platforms or different operating systems.

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