Small Linux Distro Part 2

Still with small linux distro, this time we are going to continue the advance, because if I make a post, it will be too long for a post, so I divided into several parts. Let's sign in:

This distro runs relatively fast and has some pretty powerful multimedia application (can run flash and MP3). This diremaster distro of SimplyMepis and use Fluxbox Desktop Environtment. antiX-M release 8.0 runs using kernel 2.6.22 with Xorg 7.0 on i686 and x 86 devices and x 64 bit. This distribution requires 310 MB RAM. It has installed applications like Abiword, Gnumeric spreadsheet text editor, Iceweasel 2.0 browser, Pidgin instant messenger, media player, Mplayer Xchat chat client, Mtpaint graphics editor and xpdf crashes.

Vector Linux
These distributions are very compatible with Intel, AMD and x 86. Vector Linux is derived from Slackware. She needs 850 MB hard drive for installation. Although large enough compared to other linux distros. Vector linux delivers a complete desktop that can be used to explore the virtual world, receive email, ICD and IRC, these distributions can also be used as a server and can do compile the program yourself. 412 MB RAM needs to walk, this is a decent distro to run on old computers but with the various features of linux that is almost complete.

Simple Linux
Derived from Slackware Slax-based. Have been integrated within a wide range of applications that support multimedia, internet, Office and others. Multimedia is offered among other things Juk, RealPlayer 10, KPlayer, and DVD Player (MPlayer). The user can view the video in various formats, write documents, print, scan and burning CD's and DVD's also. Simple Linux using XFCE Window Manager and comes with a variety of tools as well as in the design to use the different types of users.

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