Small Linux Distro Part 3

It can run on 128 MB of RAM and can be run via a Live CD or installed. Live System of SliTaz provides full GUI for the user and the user can store data in full through the persistent data. Slitaz is constructed of BusyBox. The user can add applications that exist inside through the tazpkg package manager that runs on a console. Slitaz filesystem requires only 100 MB and ISO Image less than 30 MB. Support Web Server by LightTPD with CGI and PHP. Includes Chat, Mail, FTP Client, SSH Client, Server using Dropbear, as well as a Live USB generators. This distro for internet use firefox, use the alsamiserm multimedia audio player and CD Ripper/Encoder accompanied tool for burning CD/DVD. Use the elegant desktop Openbox running above Xvesa (X Server) and 1400 package applications that can be installed from the mirror.

is a distro with minimal footprint and flexible. Arch in design using the binary package created for the i686 and x 86-64 bit microprcessor to modern hardware. These distributions also incorporate an automatic source code compilation functions. It is known as the Arch Build System. Arch provides ease of development, as well as providing a complete package that is run by the community through the repository. These distributions are made for those with intermediate and advanced classes on linux which is not afraid to use the CLI (Command Line).

small linux distribution designed for i386 and derived from SuSE. the package requires only 7 MB, the purpose of TinyLinux is to make the system smaller and easy to be used as start-up development. He can use a desktop system decision is not limited to and suitable for embedded systems. The entire file is binary and sourcenya can be taken from SuSE.

Devil Linux
a small, customizable and secure and can run on 32 MB of Ram. Devil Linux usually used for routers and firewalls, but now mostly used as a server. By adding a hard drive Network, many features that can be input in these distributions. The system can be installed using the hard drive, CDROM and Write Protected Flopy and systems can be configured with either without the need for a storage Device. Devil Linux server used to put it simply, without the GUI and it is aimed at those who advanced on linux.

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