Splunk Forwarder Linux Ubuntu

Now I want to share how Splunk installation. For who do not know, Splunk it is an application for monitoring data and analyze big data obtained from the results of that monitoring.

Briefly so, kalo still confused could search on google and please write in the comments I'll be repaired Yes.

There are 6 steps we will do for the installation of Splunk Forwarder on linux ubuntu.

1. Download first file Splunk website officially here. In the experiment that I do, I use Splunk Enterprise. haven't had a chance to try the other versions of Splunk.

2. Because the experiment I pake linux ubuntu, so I downloaded the file extension is. deb. If the download is completed, it could open a Terminal.

3. Typing commands on your terminal as below
sudo dpkg -i < file names who've downloaded last >.

for example, I downloaded a file with the name splunk-6.4.0-f2c836328108-linux-2.6-amd64.deb
so installing it sudo dpkg -i splunk-6.4.0-f2c836328108-linux-2.6-amd64.deb

wait until the installation process is complete

4. When it's done, check its status whether already installed properly or not. how by entering commands in the terminal as follows:
dpkg --status splunk

5. For the first time, launch a command in the terminal type splunk as follows
 /opt/splunk/bin/splunk start --accept-license

6. And Lastly, to be able to autostart when the boot, we could have typed the command as below in terminal
/opt/splunk/bin/splunk enable boot-start

So installing splunk on linux ubuntu, it may be useful to all of you who are looking for information

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