Spss For Ubuntu

PSPP or GNU PSPP is an open source application used to process data and analyzing statistics. Because it's free, PSPP often used as alternative to SPSS applications belonging to IBM which is a paid application.

This application is typically used by students and researchers who conducted a variety of research for various purposes, such as market research, quality improvement and research, as well as research in other sciences that require processing data or statistics.

PSPP is a completely free application, you will not be restricted in its use of time or limited the amount of work that you can do. You don't have to pay or buy additional packs to get advanced features of PSPP. All of the functions or uses of this application is already available in the main application, and completely free.

The look of the PSPP is made similar to SPSS, although not entirely similar. This aims to allow users who are already familiar with SPSS applications can use PSPP with just as easy as using SPSS. So it should not be a reason for you not to PSPP for reasons not familiar.

PSPP are written using the C programming language and is a project of the GNU team. As a open source application PSPP under the license GNU General Public License (GPL).

PSPS has many features that can be used to meet the needs of you in analyzing data and statistics. Some of the skills possessed by PSPP are as follows:
  • Supports more than 1 million cases
  • Supports more than 1 million variable
  • Syntax and data files are compatible with SPSS
  • Can be used from the Command Line Interfaces or Graphics User Interfaces
  • Output file format supports text, postscript, pdf, HTML and OpenDocument
  • Can pass data with Gnumeric, LibreOffice, OpenOffice and other open source applications.
  • Can incorporate data from spreadsheets, text files and database
  • No need to pay or buy a license
  • Do not have the use of deadlines
  • And many other features.
How to Install PSPP in Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and others.
If you use a distribution of Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other derivatives of the distro. You can install the application on a device you PSPP without needing to add additional other repository, PSPP is already available by default on the official repository.

Open the Terminal on Linux you by pressing the keyboard combination CTRL + ALT + T or open a Terminal via the application menu.

Before the PSPP to install, do updates in advance in order for the system to update the lists of applications and the list of repository, enter the following command in Terminal to perform the update:
sudo apt-get update

Wait for the update process to finish and make sure there are no errors at the time of the update process. If the update process is complete, you can install PSPP on Linux you by entering the following command at the Point:
sudo apt-get install pspp

Wait for the installation to finish and make sure the installation process worked well without any errors. When it is finished, you can open the PSPP through the applications menu and start using it.

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