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How to backup applications installed on Ubuntu with dpkg-repack – Time to use Windows, if Your friends or relatives soliciting applications installed on the computer, we just give the file installasinya using Flash or using a DVD, during file installasinya still stored on the computer. Then how about if file installasinya already deleted?, the only way is to download the file installasinya back from the internet. If application 1 or 2 does not matter, what if many applications?, certainly not a little internet quota is exhausted to redownload the installation file of the application. But in Linux Ubuntu is not the case, we can backup applications installed on the computer by using “dpkg-repack” and “fakeroot” This is one of the advantages of Linux.

How to backup applications installed on Ubuntu with dpkg-repack: 

First entry on your terminal as root or type following command on terminal
$ sudo apt-get install dpkg-repack fakeroot

You can backup only certain applications or backup all the applications that are installed, to backup only certain applications can use the following command via the terminal.
$ dpkg-repack package name

for example we will backup the application media player "VLC" then the injunction is:
$ dpkg-repack vlc

The results of the dpkg-repack applications can be found at /home directory with the name specified in accordance with the terminal while the process of dpkg-repack finished and to install can use Gdebi or Sypnatic.

However, if You want to backup all the applications installed on Ubuntu can use the following steps. Make folder shelter proceeds from dpkg-repack later, type the following command in terminal:
$ mkdir backup

Enter the directory that was made
$ cd backup

And then type the following command in terminal:
$ fakeroot -u dpkg-repack `dpkg --get-selections | grep install | cut -f1`

At this stage of the process will run a bit long, once the process is finished you will get a file with extension .deb, can be found in the directory "backup" created earlier .deb file this can be installed on another computer with the same base system

Pretty easy isn't it?, but if there are any of your friends who have not yet installed Ubuntu on his computer and want to install Ubuntu with the same applications that are already installed on your computer, it is better You Backup Your Ubuntu system and overall make the ISO file his application with Remastersys

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