Ubuntu Compatible Laptops

Now it's already widely used Linux as the operating system that is "Open Soucer and earn a place in the hearts of the Notebook or Laptop users. If asked why they use linux it will be lots of reasons we find starting from problems such as license is free until it is indeed because of the advantages offered by Linux. There is even a switch to Linux because it is already bored with the look of the old operating system or because it was tired of often-often reinstall.

For that here I am trying to expose the Laptop/Notebook specifications match and already have hardware that is already known well by the current linux Desktop and the average of all types of laptops already support. You can tell from the hardware specifications. I am writing this outline just based on my own experience:

1. Processor
Both Intel and AMD are now well known to all existing technologies in Linux that are popular today.

2. Chipshet Video
All of chipshet videos that exist today can already run linux with a graphical display of the standard. For minimal 3D chipset is from Intel. Starting from Intel945 until X1300. This chipset is already directly running his to run Compiz 3D Fuzion on Linux.

To run 3D heavier please choose chipset from NVidia as well as output from ATi and its video memory if possible a dedicated (not shared from RAM). Both of these require a separate driver Chipset on Linux.

3. Wifi Chipset
Here Intel still won in the introduction of the harware directly on Linux. For other chipsets like Broadcom or Atheros driver requires its own also on linux, can also use the ndiswrapper linux.

4. Hard drive
I think the hard drive is already known well by linux either SATA or IDE.

5. Network Card
All chipsets Laptop Network cards is also already known well by linux.

6. Webcam/Camera
This is still a little difficult. Because some vendors are removing the drivers for linux, it's also the installation manually. Webcam chipsets that can already run on linux with the drivers which I know the new Acer and microdia chipset.

7. Internal Modem
Most of the already recognized by linux today. If that is not detected may indeed require a special driver.

Broadly speaking it can I review regarding the specification of your laptop or notebook is good for running Linux. This contrasts with the current UMPC has indeed include the Linux OS in it, surely all the hardware is already well underway.

To try whether the computer you purchased support or not to Linux then you can use the facilities Live on every linux distribution used, using a USB Pendrive as Media Installer makes it easy for us to try if your laptop/computer to purchased support or not.

For Ubuntu Desktop support is the most popular type of laptop DELL, Wipro, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Thosiba, HCL, please visit the official website here.

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